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Full-Text Goverment Documents

GPO Access - Federal Laws, etc.
Code of Federal Regulations
Congressional Bills
Congressional Record
        Various Historical Titles of Congressional Record (available via Library of Congress):
        • Letters of Delegates to Congress (1774-1789)
        • Journals of the Continental Congress (1774-1789)
        • The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States (1789-1824)
        • Register of Debates in Congress (1824-1837)
        • The Congressional Globe (1834-1873)
Congressional Record Index
Core Documents of U.S. Democracy

Federal Register
Public and Private Laws
Supreme Court Decisions, 1937 to 1975 | 1992 Term forward
U.S. Code

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Congressional Legislation
LexisNexis Congressional Databases (subscription access only)
Use Thomas to search & retrieve bills and other legislation from the 93rd to current Congress (1973-present)

Other Full-Text Resources
County & City Data Book
ERIC Database - Educational Resource Information Center
Land View VBuswell Library Electronic Access Center (EAC) use only
	      (EAC use only)
NCES - National Center for Education Statistics
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics: Current Issue | Back Issues
Specialized Collections of Full Text Information
State Population Projections 1995-2025
Statistical Abstract 1878-current edition
STAT-USA/INTERNET (password required - see a reference librarian)
Uncle Sam Migrating Government Publications (comprehensive listing of government pubications available online)
USA Trade Online (password required - see a reference librarian)
US Census Bureau
U.S. Government Manual 1995/96-current edition
U.S. Statutes At Large 1789-1875
World Fact Book

Core Documents of U.S. Democracy
Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
Articles of Confederation
Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence
U.S. Constitution